From: KILLER APS (killer_aps@hotmail.com)
Date: 04/21/01

Yo Jeremy want to know how to get builders or train them easier? Well for me
I took the time to build a zone that trains imms to build. It shows them how
to build. The mobs tell them how to edit a mob, room, object, zone, etc.. So
I don't even have to train peeps anyone cause my zone does it. And to get
builders is to get the ones that love the MUD (if it relates to a game) If
its a thing you made up. Good luck finding some builders that are descent
enough to build on it. Because if people don't like the MUD, whats the use
building on it if you catch my drift. Anyways whats the theme? If its
another Fantasy MUD i think peeps are sick of those already. Too many of
them. My Advise is to make a MUD that is famous from a game or start looking
for some peeps to train to build on your MUD. Also I might check it out some
time. Post the addy up. If you wanna check mine out its port
6767. Its running on LexiMUD alpha. A easier source code to use. The theme
is Half Life:Counter Strike. Well I gotta go.

All for one, and one for all.
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