Re: Help with formula for consider command

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 04/21/01

> Has anyone turned the thaco - diceroll > victim_ac into a formula?
> Or is there anyone out there with better math logic that can turn
> this into something like percent_chance = thaco .. ave_dice_roll ..
> victim_ac??
> Taking into account, thaco range, hitroll range, ac range, etc??

Go through the same routine as in hit() to get their modified thac0
with damroll, str bonus etc (to avoid repetative code you could make
a calc_thac0() function)  and the victims ac.  Chance to hit in % is
MIN(95, MAX((19 - (thac0 - ac)) *5), 5)
MIN and MAX because you always hit on a 1 and miss on a 20.
To do the actual calculations, I would do the following:
Get each char's % with the above formula
multiply them by their avg. damage (taking into account spells for
mages, which will be pretty hard)
multiply them by their hitpoints, and see which total is higher
This would tell you who would have the best chance of winning in
a matchup.  to display, you could use a line of ifs...
if(chnum > (victnum *2))
  send_to_char("An easy fight!");
else if...
all the way to
else if((chnum * 2) < victnum))
  send_to_char("Your bloody remains would be scattered to the seven
if you want cons to change when you are in a group, you multiply all the
%s and avg dams together like above, then add them all, giving you total
for the group.  Then take the damage for all...blah its getting a bit
long...if you wanna
know more mail me at

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