[MISC] Conor this is how you compile circlemud on Windows

From: KILLER APS (killer_aps@hotmail.com)
Date: 04/21/01

Okay Connor well since me and you both are on the same track here I'll help
you compile circlemud on your computer. Windows 98 right? Okay do this in
the way it is set.

1) Get the latest version of Cygwin and install it to your computer if
didn't do that yet.

2) Download and extract your version of circlemud. I think you said you had
circle30bpl18 right? Well extract it to the C:\ drive.

3) Next cut the extracted circle30bpl18. Enter Cygwins folder. Double click
on home. If you have a user sign on name paste it into the folder where it
should say on the address:

C:\Cygwin\Home\(Whaterver name)

If you don't have a user sign on name then just paste it in the home folder
which should say on the address:


4) Enter the bash shell (Cygwin.exe) at the $ prompt type this:

cd circle30bpl18

5) Should bring you to the circle30bpl18 directory. Type bash configure or
./configure or until the other ones work.

6) Wait through all the shit.

7) It should say to compile type this crap. cd src; make. Type this at the

cd src; make ..

8) Read the license. Then type q. Accept the license or Reject it. Accept it
if you want to start your MUD. Reject it, then I don't know you even asked.

9) Wait through all the shit again.

10) Goto to the circle30bpl18 directory. If you still don't know how type

cd circle30bpl18

11) Type this next:

Bash autorun

12) Tada it should be working. No text displays so enter a client or telnet.
Host is localhost and the Port is 4000. The first person in is the a level
34 Imp with some crappy commands to start with. Olc is jacked as always.

13) And its set. Now I have a problem. How do I patch
OasisOLCv2.0a-bpl17.patch and the DG scripts into circle30bpl17 with Cygwin?
I typed patch -c OasisOLCv2.0a-bpl17 and the shell just said patch on the
window on top, then nothing happend. Need some help here. Thanks. Well
Connor I hope I was able to help you start circlemud on your comp.

All for one and one for all.

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