Re: [MISC] Conor this is how you compile circlemud on Windows

From: Jeremy Overbay (
Date: 04/23/01

> 13) And its set. Now I have a problem. How do I patch
> OasisOLCv2.0a-bpl17.patch and the DG scripts into circle30bpl17 with
> I typed patch -c OasisOLCv2.0a-bpl17 and the shell just said patch on the
> window on top, then nothing happend. Need some help here.

you should just hand patch it. My own mud is so loaded with extra code that
auto patching don't work very well for me.(more trouble than they are worth
really.) Hand patching is time consuming...but it will also give you a
better understanding of how the code works...not to mention...I have known
a few programmers out there that would throw you a curve ball to mess with
you and if you don't read the patch you will never even know what they are
doing.'s easier to modify code to better integrate in your
mud if you patch by hand. I am sure there is some great hand-patching tips
either in the faq, archives, or the website. so give it a go...and have


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