Re: [Question][Newbie] Dig

From: Jeremy Overbay (
Date: 04/24/01

> Seems kind of simple to me, if your in your zone that you have perms to
> and you dig to a room in another zone, I don't see any checks that verify
> the room that you are linking to is in the same zone.

you say simple as if it were a bad thing. ;} it is simple. and it works. I
been doing more testing. I created a 32nd level character and gave them olc
access to zone 2. from room 200 I proceeded to dig to a room in zone
80(8000). permission denied. I can demonstrate it for you if you like? or
better yet...I could give you my whole do_dig command and you can check it
out yourself.

I have found that (world[ch->in_room].number/100) works better than
(iroom/100) in general. I put undig on my mud also...and the iroom formula
wasn't gonna work and I didn't want to duplicate it.

on another note though...I just found an annoying little bug that has
cropped up since I added in the bettercolour code...whenever I 'stat file
<player>' my mud crashes.  I am still trying to track it down...but it
seems to be a problem somewhere on the strcpy line:

void color_defaults(struct char_data *ch) {

    if (IS_NPC(ch))




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