Re: ascii pfile 3.0 for bp15

From: Jeremy Overbay (
Date: 04/24/01

> anyone know were can get a ascii pfile for circlemud30.0 bp15 with olc
> i tried one in the contrib/code/utils/ but it didnt work, it was for
> circlemud2.0
> could someone plz help with this, or is there a circlemud zip that has
> and ascii pfile in it already?
> thanx for any help

yeah...goto the ftp site...and download the bpl17 that has hedit
asciipfiles and olc allready installed. Del put that package together and
it's pretty good...there are a few things you have to do to get it running
and a few commands you will have to fix...but it's a good starting point.
Most of the fixes and things you can find in the archives. are you dead set
on your very *own* mud? it might be better if you partnered up with
someone. it would make it easier on you.


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