Re: [QUESTION]compiling

From: Carlos Myers (
Date: 04/25/01

>From: conor mcgill <macks_mud@HOTMAIL.COM>
>okay i have just successfully compiled bpl18.  There were one or two errors
>to do with passing args and something about sprintarrays or something but
>thats not a problem.  The problem is as soon as i type bash autorun it says
>it cannot find syslog.1 to syslo.6
>I tried creating them but think they are in the wrong location.

syslog.[1-6] are log files in the logs subdirectory which autorun creates
when it run the server.  If you are running autorun for the very first time,
then naturally these file would not exists.  What autorun does when it
terminates is to delete syslog.1, then rename syslog.2 as the new syslog.1.
This renaming process is repeated for the next highest log until it reaches
syslog.6.  Finally it moves syslog from the main circlemud directory to the
logs subdirectory and renames it syslog.6.
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