Re: [QUESTION]compiling

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 04/25/01

conor mcgill wrote:
> There were one or two errors
> to do with passing args and something about sprintarrays or something but
> thats not a problem.

Don't minimize the importance of warnings during compile, they are
_very_ important.

>  The problem is as soon as i type bash autorun

The command is `./autorun &' or `sh autorun &' or `bash autorun &', note
that you need to put an '&' at the end.

> it says
> it cannot find syslog.1 to syslo.6

These messages are normal and will happen the first few times you run CM
and it terminates.  Your problem is that you see these messages when you
start CircleMUD which means that it's crashing right away.  You need to
check the file syslog.CRASH to see what's happening, also look for a
core dump (bin/core), check the archives to find out more about core

Regards, Peter

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