Re: [QUESTION]compiling

From: conor mcgill (
Date: 04/25/01

>syslog.[1-6] are log files in the logs subdirectory which autorun creates
>when it run the server.  If you are running autorun for the very first
>time, then naturally these file would not exists.  What >autorun does when
>it terminates is to delete syslog.1, then rename >syslog.2 as the new
>syslog.1. This renaming process is repeated for the >next highest log until
>it reaches syslog.6.  Finally it moves syslog >from the main circlemud
>directory to the logs subdirectory and renames >it syslog.6.

BUt my problem is that even after the first time the mud is compiled it
still does not work... Its when i type "bash autorun" that it causes
problems.  Any ideas?

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