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From: Del (
Date: 04/25/01

conor mcgill wrote:
> BUt my problem is that even after the first time the mud is compiled it
> still does not work... Its when i type "bash autorun" that it causes
> problems.  Any ideas?

My recommendations are this: Check to make sure there is a file in the
bin directory called 'circle'. (You are using linux?)
If there is a circle file, then try typing:
./autorun &
If it fails to run, check your syslog(s) to find out why, MOST common reason
is a bad world/zone/mob/obj file.
if there is not a circle file, then go into your src directory and
delete all the *.o files and type make again. This time record all the warnings
and or errors.
At that point start troubleshooting and asking questions to the list as
to what this specific errors means ONLY after you have researched those
errors in the archives, books, etc.
To be honest, it just sounds like "My mud doesn't work, can anyone help me?"
The best information you can give is from:
.OS your running the mud on, and circlemud version, last thing(s) you did
 to your code.
.compile errors/warnings

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