[Question] Zone expansion

From: Dust (dustlos@hotmail.com)
Date: 04/25/01

I've recently converted the great ascii worldmap snippet from Rom to
CircleMUD and need to create a real nice map, however the current
constraints of 320 zones won't do it (starting the world map at zone 300,
and having its top number be really high), I've tried to edit some parts of
the source like genzon.c like this:
  RECREATE(zone_table, struct zone_data, top_of_zone_table + 2);
  zone_table[top_of_zone_table + 1].number = 320000;

but that didnt help and i still got the syserr: SYSERR: Room 30000 is
outside of any zone.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to approach this? Should i change sh_int
for rnums and znums to be ints or longs, and what else might need to be
done...? Thanks

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