Re: [Question] Zone expansion

From: Ron Cole (
Date: 04/26/01

>> 1. Change the format of room numbers (vnum+rnum) to something other than
>>    signed short int (signed long int should do it..)
>Don't forget that this step will trash your pfiles, so you'll have to
>either convert or wipe.

Easy conversion.  The only field in the pfile that uses a vnum is the load
room, or atleast it was a while back when I did my conversion to long ints.
I just swapped the load room to one of the long spares and let everyone
load at recall (or was it the void? don't recall).  They all reset their
load rooms and we gained room for many more zones.  I kept the cap at zone
998 just because we didn't need a million zones and I didn't feel like
fixing that 99999 constant that's used in the zone files for an end of file

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