Re: [NEWBIE] System Error

From: Mark Setzer (
Date: 04/26/01

on 4/26/01 6:57 AM, Jimmie Tryon at spark@FIRSTWORLD.NET wrote:

> zedit save 30
> zedit save 52

> Apr 26 04:44:19 :: OLC: Spark saves zone info for zone 1.
> Apr 26 04:44:19 :: SYSERR: remove_from_save_list: Saved item not found.
> (1/4)

Unless I'm misunderstanding your problem here, I think that you're saving
without having made any changes to the zone commands. Oasis only adds items
to its save list when you edit an existing or new olc instance, be it room,
obj, mob, whatever.

If you haven't changed or updated OasisOLC other than patching it in, you
probably don't have an error, just a warning you can safely ignore. However,
if this is happening and you are certain that it should be saving SOMETHING,
you may want to double-check zedit_parse and the like for misplaced braces,
or just generally something that modifies the save list.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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