[Info] Ascii map

From: Dust (dustlos@hotmail.com)
Date: 04/28/01

I'm sure many of you heard me complain about the current mapsnip before but
I found a fix, I converted ROM's ascii system to CircleMUD(easy as pie, just
changing the room related calls and structuring) and the other day I
submitted it to the ftp site along with an email. If anyone would like to
see the map system feel free to visit: lord.spinlock.net 9991 (not an ad).
The file is now in contrib/code/rooms/asciimap.c.

Some info on this asciimap:
- It does not use a surfacemap file, it takes the current zones, checks for
a wilderness flag
  and maps around the player.
- Its pretty dynamic and easily changable, I removed a lot of garbage and
actually tried to
  format the code so its legible, shouldn't be hard to figure out what
variables to change.
- Having a large zone is reccomended so following up on my Zone expansion
thread might
  be good.

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