[CODE] Buffer problem?

From: Alex (ahdecker@home.net)
Date: 04/28/01

Regards all,

I have been fighting with a problem for a few days and my assumption
is it must be related to a quirk with George's buffers system that I
apparently dont grasp fully.

The issue I'm experiencing is limited in scope; it only occurs when
the size of either a room, mob or object description exceeds a
certain length.

If a room description is too large, one of two things will happen;
either when a character looks at the room, there will be NO room
description shown, or in some cases, it fails to show a random
character or item that is in the room.

If the problem is with an object or mob description, the oedit or
medit menus are truncated from the top; ie. only show the bottom,
say, 7 lines.


500H 118V 1X 0C Exits:NES(D)> medit 3415
I) Position  : standing
J) Default   : standing
K) Attack    : hit
L) NPC Flags : ISNPC
S) Script    : Not Set.
Q) Quit
Enter choice :

If at this point you edit the mobiles L-desc and make it shorter,
the problem goes away.

Any ideas or enlightenment (or flames if they are helpful) would
be greatly appreciated.

I'm running a quite heavily modified 3.0 bpl 14 with dg 0.99 pl 5a

Thanks in advance,


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