Re: Copyover

From: Torgny 'Artovil' Bjers (
Date: 06/02/01

At 09:23 2001-06-02 +0000, Christian wrote:

>i also added copyover but i get an error on these lines:
>     /* Ugh, seems it is expected we are 1 step above lib - this may be
> dangerous! */
>     chdir ("..");
>     execl (EXE_FILE, "circle", buf2, buf, (char *) NULL);
>  /* Failed - sucessful exec will not return */
>anyone know why??

Like I've been told my self on numerous occasions: read the Mailing List
Archives, all the answers are in there.  Before you ask something on the
list, please read the archives.

But, since I am a nice guy, and don't care much, the answer is: You're on
Windows, and Windows doesn't support copyover since an instance of a
program cannot take over/inherit  descriptors like on Linux systems, so it
just shuts down the program and restarts it.


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