From: Sergey S. Khoroshavin (
Date: 06/02/01

Thanks a lot for your help with commands. It's working very stable now.

I've came to another problem. I've tried to play UNCHANGED circle30bpl18
compiled with Visual C++ 6.0 and all was good... Then it started to behave
very strange. After killing mobs I've received something like "...your
beatiful slash kills snake", and then "You are dead", with start menu. When
I reentered and came to the place of battle I've discovered here undamaged
snake and my corpse!  Futhermore, when I tried to do so again and even after
reboot. Then suddenly this bug disappeared, and then appeared again.
I fear than my MUD will have the same bug, since it's based on circle30bpl18.
Do anybody run into such problem?

Best regards,

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