Re: Suicides

From: Sergey S. Khoroshavin (
Date: 06/03/01

> Where did you obtain it?  I would suggest downloading a fresh copy from
>, setting it up in a separate
> directory so you don't overwrite any work you may have done (or the bad
> copy[1] you have), and doing a fresh compile from there.  If the problem
> persists, come back and we'll try to diagnose it.

I've obtained it from about two
weeks ago.

> [1] Assuming that a "bad copy" is the cause of your problems.

If that was bad copy, why it has compiled without any warning and errors?
Well, I'll try to redownload, but it's very hard to find this error. This
bug is coming and disappearing like a ghost. After restart it could disappear
and not appear for some days. It's very sensitive to changes in rent mode
(to be honest I've first discovered it when turned on chargeable rent and
added some code to low down price for low level characters. That time I
thinked it was my fault, but when played unchanged version and discovered
that bug again (about after 5 hours) I was really shocked).
I gave compiled version (circle30bpl18 standard) to two my friends and they
are testing it also, but discovered no bugs. At least now.

I'm starting thinking that it could be some sort of error in CPU, because I
have Celeron 333, and on such processors some old DOS programs don't run or
run with a lot of bugs. (for example, old Turbo Pascal 7.0 compiler, which
I had been using for almost 7 years, but then I've learned C++ :) )

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