Re: Accents for Mud

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 06/03/01

Eduardo Bertin wrote:
> ALguem knows or jah saw where can have some system of Accents for mud?
> I am very similar of this... Please they are alguem to know to make or
> it knows where it has. help me...:)
> Eduardo Bertin
> Creative of the InfernoMUD, and Sciene Mud (in briefing)

Okay, it appears that what you want are accents in your MUD.  There was a
very recent discussion on this topic in the mailing list.

On a different note, it does not do a lot of good to post a Portuguese
message to an English speaking audience.  If you cannot post in English,
might I recommend using an online translator such as the one available
from Alta Vista ( where you can translate
your message to english before posting and where you can translate the
responses back to Portuguese (I'm using that translator to communicate to
you now).  A word of caution, make ceartain that your spelling is correct
when you use the translator or it won't work very well.

Regards, Peter

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