Re: Suicides

From: Sergey S. Khoroshavin (
Date: 06/03/01


> > I've came to another problem. I've tried to play UNCHANGED circle30bpl18
> > compiled with Visual C++ 6.0 and all was good... Then it started to behave very s
> > trange. After killing mobs I've received something like "...your beatiful slash kills
> > snake",
> This is not a stock fighting message.  Did you change them?

No. As I said, it was message similar to that, but not exact.

> > and then "You are dead",
> Perhaps you put the wrong messages in the wrong places (to where you
> actually put this as the death message for the player).

As I said, it was UNchanged circle30bpl18. I haven't modified anything in it. Just compiled and run.

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