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> Would you please expand on your comments?

> How would I create a self-expanding level system, even
> though it is limited by the data type I use.  Are there
> any pointers to start me on the right track?

Well, I recently implemented a "leveless" system onto my copy of circle,
which is bpl14.  I cannot garauntee its the best method, but in all my
testing thus far it has worked fine.  I kept GET_LEVEL(ch), but i also added
GET_ACTUAL_LEVEL(ch).  GET_LEVEL(ch) is a 10 level system, where 1 = mortal,
and 2-10 = immortal.  So all the if GET_LEVEL(ch) < LVL_IMMORT  checks in the
code need not be changed.  The GET_ACTUAL_LEVEL(ch) is the true mortal level
of the character.  Since you don't need to worry about the immortal maxes,
you can really make it infinite (to 2.1 bill and some change if you make it a
long i guess).  What are the downfalls of this system?  Practice needs to be
tweaked on what to be shown you can practice, A lot of the GET_LEVEL(ch)
needs to be changed to GET_ACTUAL_LEVEL(ch), and you need to change your
level switch to a formula.  There are a few snippets on the ftp site for
starting formulas.  Just remember that since you are limited to 2.1 billion
experience, that you may just wanna cap the experience per level at that.  If
this system sounds spiffy to you, e-mail me and i can get you started on it.
(don't wanna spam the list with my newbie code)  Also might wanna take out
auto-title code, cause with unlimited levels its pointless to try to make
names for every level.

Flames welcome,

Jory Graham

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