From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 06/03/01

Jimmie Tryon wrote:
> Would you please expand on your comments?
> How would I create a self-expanding level system, even
> though it is limited by the data type I use.  Are there
> any pointers to start me on the right track?

First off, see Steve Moret's response concerning gmp.

Okay, now about infinite levels (not taking into account the finite size
of variable types):

There's really two things you'll need to do to attain infinite levels,
first you'll need to rip out the tables in level_exp() and replace them
with an equation instead, there have been several other posts to this
list concerning that topic so I will not delve into it any further, you
can search the archives for more info.

The second thing you'll need to do is use somethign other than level to
define an immortal.  I recommend adding a new PLR_ flag for PLR_IMMORTAL,
then you can simply set that flag (add to do_set the ability to set or
clear the flag) and you can then separate mortal vs immortal levels so
your mortals will not be able to level into immortality.  Next you'll
need to grep the entire source for LVL_ and replace all the immortal
checks to test for the flag instead. (note that you can use a combination
of level and immortal flag to set various different immortal levels).

After that the rest is simply cleaning up all the little glitches and
problems that will occur because of the massive change you just made to
the basic structure of the system.

Regards, Peter

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