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Date: 06/03/01

From: "Peter Ajamian"
> Jimmie Tryon wrote:
> > Would you please expand on your comments?
> >
> > How would I create a self-expanding level system, even
> > though it is limited by the data type I use.  Are there
> > any pointers to start me on the right track?
> First off, see Steve Moret's response concerning gmp.
> After that the rest is simply cleaning up all the little glitches and
> problems that will occur because of the massive change you just made to
> the basic structure of the system.
Don't forget balancing - assuming a player gets tougher as his/her level
gets higher, very highlevel players would need very highlevel mobs to battle.
This would call for a LARGE and diverse world. Stock Circle has a good
selection of areas, suited for 30 levels. for a 100 levels, you'd need a
lot more areas for every level to have a couple of suited areas. For
'infinite' level ranges you'd in theory need infinite areas.

Of course - this is only a concern if the game is revolving around a
HnS theme, ie. if killing is needed to level. Strict RP muds wouldn't
have to worry. :) (no - this isn't trying to start a discussion - I just
noticed that the above wouldn't mean a thing if exp only came through

Welcor of BA

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