[BUG?]Charmed mob with memory attacks master...

From: Vladimir Nano (nano.vladimir@slsp.sk)
Date: 06/04/01

I don't know, if it is right, but here is an example:
I hit peacekeeper, then I flee,
I go back and cast 'charm' peacekeeper (succesfully).
But in a moment peacekeeper attack me. (from his memory).
Is it right?
I think, charmed person(mob) can't attack master (or can?)
(If I charm aggresive mob, aggresive flag is removed...)
And I think, SPECIAL(cityguard) and mobs in castle do it too.

(I have c30bpl18, olc2.0, dg7a, assemblies, other small changes,
compiled under BC++5.02(m$w95))

Thanx and sorry for my poor english :-)

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