Re: CODE: Regexp/email check

From: Torgny 'Artovil' Bjers (
Date: 06/07/01

At 13:53 2001-06-07 -0700, Peter Ajamian wrote:
>What I do on RD is to simply send an email to the email address
>provided.  That email contains an unlocking code which is required to
>enter the game for the first time.  It doesn't check to see if the email
>addy conforms to any "rules", but I could care less about rules as long
>as it works.

Hey, this is a very good idea.  Think I will try to do that, are you
willing to hint a little at how you did it, as far as the process of
character creation, what happens when, and how they get to input the unlock

Kind regards,

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