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From: Siber Wulf (
Date: 06/09/01

>im making up a player edit, (pedit) were you change player data but the
>thing i cant seem to wrap my finger around is probably the easiest part, i
>want it to stay in the same prompt were i can type in the letter i want for
>the menu. Example. with MEDIT you type medit <mob_num> and then a menu will
>come up then you type in the menu letter you want.
>I have tried looking at medit and other olc code, but it just confuses me
>even more.
>I have looked in nanny function in interp.c and i think i have to do
>something in there but im really not sure.
>any help would be greatly appreciated.

-You need to make a state CON_PEDIT (inside structs.h)

-inside the nanny function, (interpreter.c) you need this:
+       case CON_PEDIT:
+               pedit_parse(d, arg);
+               break;

-Inside olc.c you need to modify the array:
-struct olc_scmd_data olc_scmd_info[8] =
+struct olc_scmd_data olc_scmd_info[9] =

{"action", CON_AEDIT},
  +{"player", CON_PEDIT}

This is just my mud, I have a fairly *souped up* version I guess (lots of
time scratin' my head and wondering "why did I break this again?"

If ya need any more help with it, you can email me personally.

Good luck!

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