[CODE] Callback functions (uploaded)

From: DOOMer 2k (doomer18@hotmail.com)
Date: 06/10/01

Hi guys, I've uploaded a preliminary version of the mailer code for
callback functions.  Here's the credits:
// -- Original Idea by Jim Persson (jim@LINUX.NU)
// -- Code by Mike Breuer (mbreuer@new.rr.com)
// -- Cleaned up by Akuma (doomer18@hotmail.com)
// -- Your name here for any major modifications/fixes
//    Beyond the constants.c  "Line Input" inclusion.
  If anyone doesn't know what this is for, check the archives about
2-3 days ago.  There was a question on how to get single line input
(or possibly even menus someone asked) without having to add a single
state of CON'ness for EVERY question you wanted to ask the player.
It's useful for simple yes/no questions, and can be used for multiple
choice questions, too :-)
  I haven't fully tested it yet, but it works without crashing the mud.
The only problem that might be there is the CON_PLAYING print outs for
certain things such as do_say, do_tell, etc.  (I don't think I added a
CON_INPUT to the constants.c either, bleh)
  Heh, I will fix that soon enough... As I said, it's preliminary.
I was wondering if anyone would be willing to test this for me, and
let me know anything else that may need to be fixed/can be optimized.
  I would appreciate any assistance on this, and will gladly put you
in the credits for fixes/improvements beyond the constants.c "Line Input"
things... Heh, anyway, for now that's all...

Hoping he didn't break any of the FAQ rules, with this quick 5min post,
Akuma the Raging Coder
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