ADMIN: Foreign Languages on the list (Was Re: [CIRCLE] Remort)

From: Alex (
Date: 06/11/01

> não consegui entender ao certo o que você realmente deseja rem relação ao
> remort. se possível, poste novamente sua dúvida, se for melhor pra você,
> poste em espanhol ou português mesmo.
Ok, it looks like ye ol' list admin is going to have to make a policy
statement about the use of foreign languages on the list and the
requesting of response in that language.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been several posts in languages
other than English, and as a result, I've received notes from several
people (who shall remain nameless) asking about the list's policy on this.

In short, some people are getting frustrated that this list is for the
discussion of CircleMUD topics for _everyone_ on the list, but that (for
example) in the note above, the question was asked in Portugese and
according to AltaVista, it is asking for a response in Spanish or

At a guess, I would estimate that less than 5% of the list knows either
one of these two languages, just as less than 5% know Finnish.  Would you
want to see all of the discussion here going on in Finnish?  I didn't
think so.

I am not trying to put down other languages, but due to the
internationalization of the list (we have people on the list from most
every continent in the world, we even used to have two digest readers from
Antarctica) one common language is required so that everyone has a chance
to understand what is going on.

We've chosen English for this for a number of reasons:
- CircleMUD is written in English.  Code, documentation, messages,
  comments, etc.  All English.
- Everyone on this list has to understand at least a bit of English (else
  be able to translate stuff using a translator) to even get onto the list
  and to follow the list rules.
- The list is pretty forgiving about bad English and bad writing.  Heck,
  I've seen non-English speakers write better English to the list than
  many native English speakers, scary as that may seem.
- As noted above, the list is to _facilitate_ discussion.  In a common
  language, everyone has a chance to understand what is going on.  As one
  poster said: "It does little good to attempt a discussion on the mailing
  list in a language that few people understand."

If you want to use a foreign language to discuss CircleMUD, this is not
the correct place for it, and for that I apologize.  However, this list is
for the communication of _all_ list members.

For all of these reasons, I am implementing an English-only rule for the
mailing list beginning now.  Please understand that this is not an attempt
to exclude non-native English speakers, but an attempt to ensure that
_everyone_ on the list is included.


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