Re: ADMIN: Foreign Languages on the list

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 06/11/01

Juliano Ravasi Ferraz wrote:
> I'm good on reading english. I work with computer maintenance and
> programming for 10 years, and all the existing documentation is firstly
> available in english. I have some little difficult to write english
> text, but I do my best, because I know how undesirable is reading
> something and not be able to understand.

Your english is very good, I've read entire books written in english
which is far worse than yours.

> As said, CircleMUD was written in english, and all documentation is
> available in english. I think that everyone that want to implement a
> Circle-based MUD, should at least speak english.

I would not go that far.  I quite agree that posts to the mailing list
be in English, but I would not restrict anyone from attempting to run a
CircleMUD based on how good thier English is.  I do, however, believe
that you should have some means of interpreting documentation, be it
Alta Vista or some other translator, or a friend who knows English and
can translate for you, otherwise you will most likely find yourself in a
rather fruitless endeavor.  The same holds tru for the mailing list.
You do not have to _know_ English to post to the list, but you should
only post in English.  That means that you can use a translator (or a
friend, etc.) to post and to read posts from the list.

> Saying about foreign languages, and some posts on the last 3 weeks about
> accents, I should give my word.

I have some material at home regarding that, I'll post a reply later if
it's not addressed.

Regards, Peter

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