Re: [INFO]CircleMUD license as it pertains to world files

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/11/01

> I know the CircleMUD (and Diku) license is very explicit in it's use in
> derived works and whatnot but it seems to only talk about the source
> code. It specifically says "...use of any part of the CircleMUD or
> DikuMUD source code requires that their respective licenses be followed,
> including the crediting requirements." Do the world files from the stock
> CircleMUD constitute source code? I would consider them data? Are they
> covered under the license agreeement? Thanks in advance.
        Not that I'm an actual authority on this, but from what I
understand, the license that dikumud provides the statement:

"This document contains the rules by which you can use, alter or publish
parts of DikuMud."

        This comment is applied for circlemud as well.

        So, it appears that the stock worlds which are distributed in the
CircleMUD package is considered a 'part' of Circlemud, and unless
otherwise licensed by their original creators, should fall under the
circle/diku license scheme.

        In otherwords, if you make a new zone, it's yours to do with what
you will.  Just don't try to do anything with stock zones - without
locating and contacting their original owners, of course.


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