Re: [CODE] Callback functions (update - Ver 2)

From: DOOMer 2k (
Date: 06/13/01

Hi, Circle List.

  For everyone that wants to know, the callback functions snippet
that I sent in on the 11th has been put into the contrib/code/utils
  Since then (read: Today), I uploaded Version 2 which fixes
the constants.c connected_types[] problem.  It also cleans up the code
even more, allowing the freedom to add a new function and chain
old ones as you please.  (I used to have a clean_callback() function
that was required at the END of the last chain, but it is no more...
not needed)
  Anyway, as always, feel free to download it and ask questions/supply
ideas to me as needed.

  On another note: I have finished my Spell Checker (if anyone remembers
me on the list back in '98, I mentioned I was starting, but since had
to restart from scratch) for the improved-edit Editor.  It currently
doesn't require my  Ispell command (for adding words to the dictionary)
because it uses a system() call and parses a file, bleh.  It still
requires the ACTUAL Ispell command (which currently is only available
on *nix systems as far as I know)  Oh yeah, THE POINT to this message
was, if anyone wants it I'll probably post it, and then fix up the code
for myself and post the Ispell command required one.  What does everyone
think of that?  Hmm... I guess that's it.

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