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Date: 06/15/01

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From: "Alastair Bell" <AlastairB@E-TEMPEST.CO.UK>
> Hi peeps,
> I'm experimenting a little now I've got dgscripts up and running...
> managed to create a script that has the mob growl at the person
entering the
> room, but is it possible to display it so that people already in the
> see the mob growl at, but the person entering see the mob
> at you' message?

Yes, you can do this if you're using an %echo% command (mecho, oecho)
or a related command, but not if you're using an emote from the mob.

Just use
%echo% growls at ~%actor%

This will show
  "Whateverthemobis growls at you." to the actor
  "Whateverthemobis growls at Soandso." to anyone in the room who can
see the actor.
  "Whateverthemobis growls at someone." to anyone in the room who
cannot see the actor.

Note: The stock DGScripts uses the tilde character for this command -
  1) you cannot save a tilde in your text editor,
  2) you cannot read a script file in if it has a tilde written to it.

SO, you should change the code to use a different character (something
that you wouldn't normally use in a sentence (we use the # character).
There are other characters you can use to pull up the his/her/its,
him/her/it, etc. aspects as well, (&, ^, etc.) so take a peek through
the dg files to see what you can use.
(This is why you can't use the standard color codes in echos without
them becoming itsitititits messages, but you can in emotes. The script
emote never checks for these characters, nor does the wecho).


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