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Date: 06/15/01

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> > Hi peeps,
> >
> > I'm experimenting a little now I've got dgscripts up and
> > I've managed to create a script that has the mob growl at the
> > entering the room, but is it possible to display it so that people
> > in the room see the mob growl at, but the person
> > see the mob 'growl at you' message?
> Yes, you can do this if you're using an %echo% command (mecho,
> or a related command, but not if you're using an emote from the mob.
> Just use
> %echo% growls at ~%actor%
> This will show
>   "Whateverthemobis growls at you." to the actor
>   "Whateverthemobis growls at Soandso." to anyone in the room who
> see the actor.
>   "Whateverthemobis growls at someone." to anyone in the room who
> cannot see the actor.

Sorry, I forgot a few things:
The echo message should have included Whateverthemobis as part of the
(ie., %echo% Whateverthemobis growls at ~%actor%);

if you want to do a little more work in the script writing area and
less in the code
altering area, you could use the following:

%send% %actor% Whateverthemobis growls at you.
%echoaround% %actor% Whateverthemobis growls at

However, this doesn't give you the bonus of hiding their name if they
can't be seen by a third party.


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