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From: Cris Jacobin (
Date: 06/19/01

On Tuesday, June 19, 2001, at 03:41 PM, Its Me Christian wrote:

> hey list,
> i read back on the bit flags, but i do not understand how it needs to be
> done. Is there a snippet or something that will show me how to do it
> other
> than doing the 128bit patch. If not, could someone please tell me how
> to do
> it in short.

   It's very simple Christian.  Took me less than an hour to make the
necessary changes.  Someone posted that they intended on creating a
snippet earlier in the thread so I'll just post a quick synopsis, as to
not duplicate effort.

- Search for the bitvector_t definiion in structs.h and change it to an
unsigned long long int.

-Search for bitvector_t in the rest of structs.h, activate their use.

-Change the bitvector flag definitions to use the format (#ull << #ull)

--Add in the revised ascii conversion routines posted earlier in the

-Remake the entire game.  It'll then show you the list of places where a
bitvector is written out or read as an integer (%d).  Change them to

-Delete your playerfiles and any saved objects.

-Remake the entire game and you're done.  64 bitflags ready and waiting.

-jac 'unless you have olc, but that was easy as well'

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