[CODE] rec_count bug?

From: Bil Simser (bsimser@home.com)
Date: 06/19/01

Just wondering something that someone else has commented on in the code.
In db.c around line 600:

  /* Exit if 0 records, unless this is shops */
  if (!rec_count) {
    if (mode == DB_BOOT_SHP)
    log("SYSERR: boot error - 0 records counted in %s/%s.", prefix,

  /* Any idea why you put this here Jeremy? */

   * NOTE: "bytes" does _not_ include strings or other later malloc'd

I only noticed because I stripped the MUD down to a single zone but the
log showed that there were two zones. Can someone explain why the
rec_count++ is there? It throws the count off by one for mobs, objs,
zones and rooms but maybe there's a reason why it was done?


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