Re: NEWBIE: Does anyone have circlemud30bpl17 with OasisOLCv2.0 and DG Scripts patched in?

From: Siber Wulf (
Date: 06/19/01

Not to add to the fire, but I'm quite frustrated when people decide to
"flame another person" and send it to the mailing list.  I have better
things to do with my 5 minutes than read about how people think the
"newbies" are dumb for not reading the FAQ.  A simple "Read the FAQ for a
link to the FTP site" would have been MORE than sufficient than to get the
word across.  Instead, the list sounds like a bunch of pompous coders who
have nothing better to do than to kvetch that someone wanted some newbie
help.  Get over it people.  Cater to new people or else the list will never
grow into a decent "thing"

My 2 cents.
(and yes, by sending this through the list, I voilate my own kvetching)

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