Re: [CODE] XapObjs

From: Torgny 'Artovil' Bjers (
Date: 06/20/01

At 14:20 2001-06-20 -0500, Justin wrote:
>I recently patched in XapObjs into my MUD. Its Circle3.0bpl17 with OasisOLC
>2.0 and dg scripts patched in also. I fixed the rejects which weren't many,
>I was kind of surprised with this, anyways, there is one function in
>act.wizard.c that's giving me a problem. the fuction is store_to_char, the
>MUD doesn't know what it is and I can't find any other occurrence of this
>function within the code. Is there another patch that XapObjs needs, where
>this function is? Here's a sample of what it looks like within act.wizard.c:
>Error: act.wizard.c:2805: undefined reference to 'store_to_char'
>I know what the error means, here's the actual code:

Do you have ASCII pfiles? That might be it, I think that ASCII pfiles
strips out store_to_char, or at least I have a vague memory of removing
them when I patched it in.

Kind regards,

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