[CODE] XapObjs

From: Justin McCauliffe (redshift86@hotmail.com)
Date: 06/20/01

I recently patched in XapObjs into my MUD. Its Circle3.0bpl17 with OasisOLC
2.0 and dg scripts patched in also. I fixed the rejects which weren't many,
I was kind of surprised with this, anyways, there is one function in
act.wizard.c that's giving me a problem. the fuction is store_to_char, the
MUD doesn't know what it is and I can't find any other occurrence of this
function within the code. Is there another patch that XapObjs needs, where
this function is? Here's a sample of what it looks like within act.wizard.c:

Error: act.wizard.c:2805: undefined reference to 'store_to_char'
I know what the error means, here's the actual code:

*** Snip ***
    CREATE(victim, struct char_data, 1);
    if (load_char((player_table + counter)->name, &tmp_store) > -1)
-->   store_to_char(&tmp_store, victim);
    percent = (float)((float) counter/(float) top_of_p_table);
    if(percent > .25 && flag==0) {
*** Snip ***

its in the command ACMD(do_objconv)
Thanks for any help.

Justin McCauliffe

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