Re: [CODE] XapObjs

From: Jared Noble (
Date: 06/20/01

I actually answered this question once before. Store_to_char is
in fact replaced with, I believe, save_char. What I did was DL
the ascii-pfiles patch and searched for store_to_char then read
further to learn what it was replaced with.

By the way, there ARE other problems with the Xapobj patch.
Don't think for a minute this is the only one. I STRONGLY
suggest you search through the archive for more information
on the other various bugs. There are two known bugs, one is
up to the coder to resolve and is in the function that converts
the objects into XAP objects. The other is a little bit more
difficult to find.

Also, you will probably be going to get Iedit and try to patch
that in. It too had a bug in it and the fix was posted to this
list by the author a while ago. It can be found in the archive
if you know how/where to search for it.

Good luck

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