Re: [Win32 - Circlebpl17-OasisAsciiHedit] Boot up problems!

From: David Cole (
Date: 06/25/01

Jun 25 14:03:00 :: Loading zone table.
Jun 25 14:03:01 ::    35 zones, 980 bytes.
Jun 25 14:03:01 :: SYSERR: world/zon/0.zon is empty!

I have downloaded the 0.zon file and replaced. Also have tryed replacing all
.zon .mob. wld etc file and still get the same error. I do not think it can
be code related because i only had to chage one small thing in db.c in order
to get the mud compile without errors. What areas does the mud need to run?
just 0 (Limbo)?

Also whats really weird is i can get circlebpl18 to compile compleatly
without changing anything whatso ever, but it does not have hedit, olc, or
ansi pfiles. And im lazy. But if this continues i could just port this
things over or just install the snippets and what not in msvc++. Though
would much rather preffer to fix this error so that i may know how to fix it
in the future.

Heres what the inside of the 0.zon file looks like:

Limbo - Internal~
99 10 2
* Mobiles
M 0 1 1 1               Puff
M 0 99 1 99             Death
E 1 99 1 16                     Scythe

Its not empty, thats for sure heh. Anyone else gopt any ideas as too where
to turn?

David Cole

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