[Win32 - Circlebpl17-OasisAsciiHedit] Boot up problems!

From: David Cole (tiznor@wpcs.net)
Date: 06/24/01

Hello all, I'm running circlebpl17 with Oasis, Ascii Pfiles, and Hedit, On a
win32 box. (Win 98) Dont ask why. Well i have managed to get the mud to
compile without any errors in MSVC++ 6.0 and now im having a small bootup
problem. When i go into a prompt and try to run circle.exe everything but
the zones load. I get a error shown bellow:

Jun 23 17:43:32 :: Loading zone table.
Jun 23 17:43:32 ::    35 zones, 980 bytes.
Jun 23 17:43:32 :: SYSERR: world/zon/0.zon is empty!


I have tryed removing the 0.zon area. Which is limbo right? So its needed.
Well when i removed it from the lists i get another error for the next zone
in the list. Exact same warrning though then it falls back into the prompt
and aborts the bootup. It does this for every area until i remove al area
then it wont bootup cause there are no areas. So i'm at a stand still
peering at my monitor wondering what the hell it means by being empty when
all the files are filled with room's, mob's, obj's, and even trigger's of

I would appreciate anyones help please. I do not understand this and i have
searched the archives for 2 hours and read all the faq's to find no answer
to my problem here.

Thanks to anyone who responds,
David Cole (tiznor@wpcs.net)

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