Re: [Win32 - Circlebpl17-OasisAsciiHedit] Boot upproblem s!

From: Robert Masten (
Date: 06/25/01

>> Del just released a new bundle for bpl18 if you want to try it.

I downloaded it and had a few problems with my slackware with it.
(Already email Del about it though)...

short synopsis if you want to use it and have problems... this is
the fix that I emailed to Del:

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Subject: RE: [CIRCLE] New Bundle

I was checking out your new bundle, pretty nice, except I had to
play with it.  On Slackware (can give you the kernel later... not
at that machine right now), it was saving the player files to
"name.pfile!".  Which when you went to log in for the 2nd time it
wouldn't recognize and you would have to start all over (but the
file looked fine).  So after some investigation I added a
SUF_PLAYER = "plyr" and then changed the suffix = "pfile"; to
suffix = SUF_PLAYER; like the other examples and finally got it
to save out and then retrieve it.

For some reason my distrib didn't like inserting "pfile" as the
suffix it constantly wanted to add a "pfile!" instead.

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