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From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 06/25/01

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> > Output:
> > memberslis <- should be Nae' Blis members
> The above output seems to indicate that in the end of clan->name
> there is a \r

This is a good thought, and is probably correct.  If it is, then the clan name
is probably actually something like this:  "  Nae' Blis\r"  Check where you're
reading the name from and see if it's possible that your getting two spaces in
front of it and leaving the \r.  Look back in the archives a couple of
days...there was a discussion about trailing \r's from the get_line function
that may be relevant.

> - the behaviour might be caused by the ' in "Nae' Blis"

This would not be the case, since clan->name is passed into sprintf as the
third parameter, there is no parsing of the string.  There is no escape
sequence for a single quote in any case.


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