Re: 3 dimensional world arrays

From: George Greer (
Date: 06/26/01

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Robert Masten wrote:

>I remember a topic from 3 or 4 ago, but can not seem to find it
> in the archives (maybe it wasn't this circle list).
>But the discussion was 3 dimensional arrays for wld files.
>Basically enabling real flying, swimming, climbing, etc.
>Has anyone implemented this or have constructive thought before
>I hurt myself coding it....
>basically do you think it is even worth it??? or could it be
>worth it?

I want to do a "Real World." It would be exceedingly cool to fall out of a
plane and hit with 6,000 kg*m/s.  Ok, maybe not the example occurring to
yourself, and you probably don't care about the actual force, but simply
having code to take that into account would be very nice.

I'm not exactly sure how you'd do a 3-dimensional array though.  It'd be
better to use a coordinate system in that case or you'd restrict people to
particular elevations which would be odd.  I suppose it could be fudged
that way but you can create that illusion with creative use of the existing
rooms structures.

George Greer

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