Skill/Spell Requirments

From: Brandon Bennett (
Date: 06/26/01

It would be cool to get rid of the current static skill/spell linking in
class.c and move it to an external file.  In addition instead of having
the spells/skill based on level or class have it based on a set of
requirements.  An Example file might be:

   id 1001 {
   type: spell
   name: Burning Hands
   desc: An attack that does massive damage
   req: Level >= 15
        Class == Mage
        learned >= 80%
        mana -50 from caster
        hit -5d15 from target
   id 1002 {
   type: skill
   name: kick
   desc: A kick
   req: Level >= 16
        Class == Warrior, Ninja, Fighter
        learned >= 30%
         move -20 from caster
         hit -20 from target

The requirements could be anything such as the room that you are currently
in.  Although the parser would have to be huge for all the different
requirment and results you could have.

And then you can infinatly add more and more fields and create some kick
ass spells.  I know it would be hard to implement and i might try toying
with it.  But sounds like a great idea.  You then can make a skedit or
spedit OLC editor for the files.  Even a web based editor if you wanted
to.  I think circle should become more dynamic and remove alot of the
highly changeable items out of the source.  Anyway just an idea.


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