Re: Skill/Spell Requirments

From: David Smith (David.Smith@COM-NETERICSSON.COM)
Date: 06/27/01

On: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>Would it be worth adding specialized code for all of this
>or tackling the problem at a more abstract, flexible level and introducing
>a more general purpose scripting language (either of your own design or by
>plugging in an existing language and creating bindings to the Mud)?

I *absolutely* think so, and while I'm not sure yet, I think that it's going
to end up being a combination of PHP scripts and an eventual conversion of
the data to some RDBMS (MySQL most likely).

Additionally, the scripts would be drawn from the database by the mud-engine
(at this point a very very small specialized telnet server) so any
modification to the commands themselves could be done at run-time with no
more pain (provided a nice interface) than using OLC.

At any rate, it'll be some time before it works, more before it works well,
and probably never until I like the relational structure of the DB, but if
anyone's got any caveats they've experienced integrating an external
scripting language, ... or reasons to prefer one over another, I'd love to
hear them.


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