Re: Skill/Spell Requirments

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 06/27/01

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I think the discussion of a more dynamic magic system is quite interesting.
I've long had thoughts along these lines that I have not yet put into
practice.  I am currently implementing an additional magic system for high
level characters while leaving the existing system more or less intact.  It's
a little bit different than the solutions being discussed, but I think it's
quite flexible.

Basically, it is a chanting or incantation based system, where each word of
the incantation is passed through a parser and the whole chant acts like a
script.  The words perform very basic functions, like seeking a target
character (there are various words for various types of targets: self, fight
victim, group, etc.).  Each word costs a certain amount of mana with the cost
decreasing as the character levels-- like the existing system.  New words are
also acquired as the character levels.

Complicated spells can be chanted quickly using the alias system already in
place.  Another way of handling that, which I am considering, is to have
characters "hang" spells in advance (an idea borrowed from a Roger Zelazney
book series)...A player "pre-casts" the spell, at a fractional mana cost, and
then the spell hangs about until he supplies a power word and names any
appropriate targets.  I haven't thought that part out completely...just
kicking the idea around.


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