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Date: 06/27/01

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> Subject: [CIRCLE] Circlemud Windows Version is needed!
> Does anyone have a Circlemud with OasisOLCv2.0a, DG Scripts Ascii Pfiles,
> Liblists and Hedit patched in? For Windows Version Circlemud not UNIX. I
> have a op system that runs on Windows 98. My compiler is Cygwin (latest
> version). I can boot up Circlemud and have OasisOLCv2.0 patched
> in okay but
> DG Scripts, Ascii Pfiles, Liblists and Hedit give me problems when I hand
> patch them. Can anyone please give me a Windows Circlemud or give me a
> website were I can download one? Thanks. I already check the servers if
> their was a Windows Version but their wasn't any. Del's own are
> UNIX based
> only. Thanks for your help people or if you could patch a Windows version
> that would be good. Should also be sent to the Circlemud website so other
> Windows users can get it. Laters.

Well I run cygwin on win2k and downloaded Del's
after configure the only errors I got during compiling were some _fileno
errors in diskio.c how to fix this has been mentioned before and is in the
archives (replace whatever->_fileno with fileno(whatever) I think)
after that I compiled successfully with no errors. Most of the Unix servers
on the ftp site should compile under cygwin I believe with no/minimum
modifications. (might be wrong as I haven't tried to compile them all)

HTH Saethu :)

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