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From: Its Me Christian (
Date: 06/26/01

Hello list,
Ok, this is kinda hard to explain so plz bare with me.

I am making my own clan system and i have done all the commands like enlist
and tell and bank stuff but i now have to find a way of saving it and
opening it but not save to the player file. For example: if there was a clan
called 'NewbieClanofDeath' then i want to open the file called
NewbieClanofDeath.clan and then make it save everything in there to an

eg. the file would look like

Name: NewbieClanofDeath
Ownr: Me
Gold: 600595

and so on. but how would i make Gold: = CLAN_GOLD(clan_name)? I looked at a
clan patch on the ftp site and they did something like.

struct clan_info {
int stuffhere;
char *Morstuff;

and then #define CLAN_GOLD(num)   ((clan[(num)].clangold)
It was something like that but i couldnt get that to work, it would compile
fine but then it would crash whenever even looked at CLAN_GOLD.

So, in short i wanna find out how to make GET_GOLD(clan name) = how much
gold a clan has that is saved in the file.

- Thanks for any help -
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