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Date: 06/27/01

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> I want to do a "Real World." It would be exceedingly cool to fall out of a
> plane and hit with 6,000 kg*m/s.

I have something like this implemented on my MUD.  I use a "climb" skill for
thieves in combination with a couple of room flags:


The "ONLY" flags mean you must have some skill to even attempt to move in the
indicated direction.  When a player fails a skill check, he "falls".  I
calculate falling damage based on the number of rooms that the player falls
through, and based on the kind of room the player stops in (underwater,
flying, etc).  The player stops falling when he either "catches" himself
(based on a skill check), or reaches a room that does not have one of the

The only drawback I've run into is you have to be careful to create escape
routes so that unskilled characters don't get trapped in rooms they can't
climb out of.

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